Software tools


Niranova Application Program (WinNAP) It is a powerful, easy-to-use application software tool enabling full access to embedded control applications.


WinNAP connects to a target, e.g. a control system, via CAN or the com-port on an ordinary PC. It is used for program and data loading, parameter setting, data monitoring and collection, operator panels, supervision and debugging.


With customizable access levels, users with different knowledge or authority can share project information without needing access to the same parameters and functions. Collected data can be saved as computer files in text or the popular Mathworks (.mat) format. This means that data can be loaded into Matlab for more advanced analysis. However, this is not all. Many engine parameters are represented as gauges and advanced graphs. A number of parameters can be followed to see how they interact. This provides a superior overview when needing to visualize the behaviour of a control system and engine.


WinNAP has been developed by Niranova and can be used with all our ECU systems. WinNAP can easily be adapted to work with other embedded control systems as well.



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