Control units



Niranova Industrial Control System

NICS focuses on the command and control of gas turbines in various industrial activities. Depending on the application, the NICS system consists of one (or possibly more) main control units (MCU) and a number of optional satellites for special functions or I/O expansion. The key word here is flexibility. The operating system software in NICS has been designed to allow quick and simple implementation of applications.


The MCU communicates with the satellites using CAN or Ethernet interfaces. The system can be expanded with additional units (satellites) to handle increasingly complex systems. Configuration of I/O for different applications is done via software and controlled from the applications themselves. Satellites can be placed on top of the MCU, or separately at any distance from the MCU within the maximum operating range of the communication bus.


Virtually any satellite functionality can be developed and incorporated into an NICS system. NICS can be offered and delivered in different stages of application development


  1. Hardware + Operating system software is delivered from Niranova. The customer himself specifies and implements the application functions on the operating system software.
  2. In addition to the above, the application is implemented by Niranova according to the customer’s specifications.
  3. 3. Niranova carries out the application’s specification and implementation. Niranova also selects all instrumentation, operator’s panels etc. (Turnkey delivery)




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